Passport is a personal matter

It must be firmly remembered that under no circumstances should you give your civil or foreign passport to anyone, even if they promise to return it in the country where you will work. Such a proposal is a direct confirmation of the deceptive involvement in the slave state. Being undocumented in the status of a practical homeless person on the territory of any state is fraught with imprisonment and the possibility of not returning home for a long time.
There is no such job that would require giving the employer an employee's passport. Such requirements are most often imposed on illegal builders and girls who fall into the hands of pimps, both local and foreign. The slave trade today generates large revenues, supplying new victims to the entertainment and prostitution industries in the countries of the East, Europe and Latin America. Gullible, uninformed people are sent to the neighborhoods where the brothels are located. You also need to remember that you need to issue a passport yourself, and not with the participation of an employer or an intermediary, in order to avoid its forgery and not find yourself in a situation of a completely disenfranchised person on the territory of an unfamiliar country. If, when signing the contract, the agency requires to pay an amount exceeding the cost of opening a visa, issuing a passport and providing advice, then you must immediately abandon the services of such an intermediary. This is the most important sign of fraud and an indicator that the company is trying to get its money by any means and will not give any subsequent guarantees of employment. In the future, she will not bear any obligations towards the client. It must be remembered that you should never give consent to the so-called "partial" payment for services. You can not apply for a visa "retroactively", enter deliberately false information about yourself in the registration documents. Any untruth documented will be fraught with violation of the law. And all the difficulties of meeting with the law of a foreign state will fall on the shoulders of the employee. Neither the employer nor the intermediary will be held accountable by the police.
Also, neither the customs service, nor the embassy, nor civil servants of other control bodies will be able to make claims to them. The maximum that such scammers can face is detention for 24 hours to clarify all the circumstances. In the end, the culprit will be an unlucky employee. 1xSlots is a popular gaming club with easy registration, instant deposits and fast payouts of winnings. The 1xSlots site has gained popularity among visitors thanks to a wide collection of bonuses, slot machines and tournaments that are held regularly. 1xSlots Casino Registration users are offered access to the best games from world-famous brands and constantly updated content.